I’ve had a lot of inquiries on how we switch, what triggers one to switch, and what it’s like. Well, it’s a lot like an elevator ride. Or, for others, like opening a door. Let me set one thing straight here, we can purposefully switch, just about when ever we want. Why would one want to do that though? Why not just stay you forever? Because after prolonged periods of time one gets mentally exhausted, or it becomes very uncomfortable.

How do we switch? I believe it’s like looking for a memory inside your head. Closing one’s eyes helps concentrate on the thing you’re looking for, and eventually you might be able to find it. With switching I personally have to close my eyes, and I feel around in my head. I know where the personalities are located, and I can usually reach them. When I find them, I can feel their energy, and let them come into focus, allowing me to go back to my spot.

As for triggers, I’ve had a personality randomly switch for what seemed like no reason, or I’ve had one switch when I have felt in danger, or terrified. Triggers can differentiate among people.

A lot of people have said, “People with MPD can’t just switch.” Well, they can. The other personality though can keep one from reaching them. That’s like locking a door. In this case, the person trying to switch probably wont be able to. I suggest just giving it time.

One thing that’s common with me, and what I’ve seen around other people, is that sometimes they get “stuck”. Being stuck is when you cannot switch with anyone. You can feel the mental strain, and it’s quite uncomfortable. The more you try to switch, the more painful it can be. There’s nothing anyone can really do at this point but wait. The longest I’ve ever been stuck about approximately one week.

If anyone has any of their own experiences, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear about them.