It is common for a personality to have a disorder, such as ADHD, OCD, anxieties, depression, etc. I know a few personally that have these issues. One of my friends suffers constantly from depression and suicidal tendencies. Now this is more of a problem when it’s the “main” personality.

The main personality is the one who represents the body. Usually they are out the most, or at least when they wake up. They take the name given to them from their birth-certificate.

When the main personality suffers from a disorder such as depression, most often they start coming out less and less, letting their other personality/personalities out more, and thus, taking over their lives. Medication is something I strongly recommend against in this predicament. I’ve noticed that medication (SSRI drugs for treating mental disorders) affects people with MPD in different ways, causing more issues.

When a personality suffers from their own disorder that doesn’t effect anyone else, I call it “sub-disorders”. Sub-disorders can cause a personality to not want to come out so much, and remain dormant for long periods of time. Having some kind of support system is a good idea for these cases. Other personalities want their own lives too, and feel frustrated when something like anxieties get in the way. Having someone they can trust and talk to, I’ve noticed, helps tremendously.

If you have any questions, or stories of your own experiences, feel free to leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from other people.