I’m here to talk about personalities and their orientations. It’s is one way they differ from each other. There are,

  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender orientation
  • Racial orientation

Sexual orientation can vary greatly personality to personality. One could be completely straight, another homosexual, and on and on it goes. It is normal for the personalities to act on this.

Next is Gender orientation. Just because your body is male or female doesn’t mean your personalities are. Gender orientation is one of the most difficult issues I’ve come across for the personas. One of a personality I know is male, and their body is female. To them, they’re straight, and get highly frustrated at the fact that when they’re hitting on a woman, it’s lost on them.

Racial orientation from what I’ve observed, doesn’t vary too much from personality to personality, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Accents can also vary among people. From an England accent, Indian accent, etc. They can also adopt mannerisms from other cultures, and consider themselves to originate from different countries.

There are many ways personalities are different. They like to be considered their own person, instead of lumped into what people want them to be. So if you discover your romantic partner has this condition, don’t try to see them as what you want them to be, rather, what they are.